Justen Wu — JUST Canyoning Guide — Self Bio

Lived in New Zealand for several years and crazed for traveling among the amazing wilderness.

Now, devoted to exploring the hidden paradise in my homeland Taiwan as a Canyoning Guide.

-CIC International Canyon Leader Guide

-CGI Leader Guide 2

-Immortal Canyon, BaiGu Alp, Taiwan, First Descend — Jan 2021

-TongXin Canyon, Central Taiwan, First Descend — Jul 2020
-Evergreen Canyon , Central Taiwan, First Descend — Jun 2019

-Chong-An Canyon Upper Section, Taiwan — Jan 2020

Memories of exploring rivers dates back to childhood in NZ, however, the passion for Canyoning & Sawanobori wasn’t completely triggered until I moved back to my birthplace, Taiwan. Astonished by the distinct & divine beauty of my homeland, I’ve been continuously in search of the divine meanings behind this approach of entering nature.


Sawanobori originated in the Alpine regions and was introduced to Taiwan from Japan, thus Japan is commonly considered as the Kingdom for this sport, but the truth is, Taiwan is the ultimate paradise for these adventures. The canyons hidden in this mysterious island are way beyond the wildest imagination of the public.

The vast diversity of rivers and canyons itself is incomparable.

While Japan has around 27 mountains over the height of 3,000m, we have more than 270…


Canyoning is popular among western countries where canyoneers move downstream and descent waterfalls as they go along.

Sawanobori is basically only common in Japan & Taiwan. Tracers trace upstream and are often determined to trace to the source of the river, which also signifies the philosophy features of the East.

Have you ever imagined there are unlimited mystical wonders hidden in a place that can barely be seen on the map?

Perhaps one would be able to visit all the mountains in Taiwan, but when it comes to exploring the magnificent canyons and rivers here…Don’t even think about accomplishing this in a lifetime and no kidding!

What’s pitiful is that foreigners love this incredible land more than ourselves! And we don’t even recognize our mother homeland well enough.

Sensed the hidden stir in the vines and returned to my homestead to set off on a inner voyage, eager to discover the mysteries locked in these fairylands.

You are incredibly lucky to be here and experience what others may need to drive averagely a huge amount of time to reach similar grounds. I’ve lived in New Zealand and many countries abroad so the more I find out about Taiwan the more I cherish living here.

The distinct meaning of Canyoning & Sawanobori is the taste of the divine, while you are brought to a journey to link and reunite with the Creator himself.

Why is Canyoning & Sawanobri so different from hiking or any other activities?

The answer is no doubt “water”

This very element is the source of all life and origins, it reveals the mark of the Creator and memories that can be traced back to the ancient eras. The river flow & waterfalls also strengthen the intensity of the route.

Like physics and scientists who are attempting to reveal the mysteries of the universe, if you anaylize the truth with technology methods or logic, the results may be disappointing. Nature requires you to experience the living creations with your own body.

What differs us from other species is that our senses can store and memorize an incredible amount & complexity of information of every emotional moments that we were exposed to.

Some nights my visions are surprisingly clear. Every Canyoning & Sawanobori guide should carry out the passion and mission to guide those enslaved by civilization to feel the warm breath of the Creator while adventuring in the sacred temples of nature.

If our companions can feel the touch of the Creater through this short journey and be inspired once again from what he/she has lost suffocating in the disaster of civilization, then this adventure alone is a success.

Use your imagination and tell me your wildest dreams of canyoning adventures!



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